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About Burland Jewelry Center and Our Small, Family Owned & Operated business

Since 1980, Burland Jewelry Center has proudly served over 10,000 families worldwide. Even though our reach is wide, we pride ourselves on being your “neighborhood jeweler”. Once you visit our store, you’ll see how you can quickly create a relationship with one of our team members, and see that same person every time you come in! Nobody here works on commission or utilizes pressure sales tactics. We’re simply here to help you find what you’re looking for while staying within your budget.

Our mission has always been, and will always be: To build relationships one-by-one by providing quality jewelry and top notch service, which results in a customer for life.

We specialize in engagement rings, wedding rings and custom jewelry, but our services include everything from watch batteries to designer jewelry, to repairs and appraisals, to assistance with estate liquidations and insurance claims.

It’s more than a team, it’s a family. We are a family-owned and operated business. Those that are not “Burlands” are related through their passion and team spirit. We truly have a wonderful team.

Larry and Helen Burland are the owners of Burland Jewelry Center, and play an active role in operations. They have a passion for the business and a passion for friendliness.

Larry Burland – Golf is his passion and so are diamonds. Too bad, his golf game isn’t as good as his diamond knowledge.

Helen Burland – Chief conversationalist, the best at choosing that perfect gift for that perfect person.

Marc Shutro – Bald, beautiful and a total sports fanatic. The son of the Burland’s is a GIA certified diamond grader and appraiser.

Trish Bowlin –  Super amicable, office manager, and jewelry expert that brings 27 years experience to the table, specializes in assisting in creative design ranging from: earrings, engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, and much more. 

Amanda Shutro – 3rd Generation, grand daughter of Helen and Larry, daughter of Marc. Jewelry is her specialty.

Jorge Perez – Master jewelry craftsman and expert on our laser welder.

Combined among this staff, we have over 194 years of jewelry experience.

Burland Jewelry is proud to have been voted Best Family Jeweler by Phoenix Magazine!

From the magazine:

“In 1989, Larry Burland made his final trip to war-torn Africa in search of rough diamonds. He still keeps one as a memento of a promise he made to himself: Never go back. Luckily for Phoenix, Burland and his family-run jewelry store are here to stay. Now in its 32nd year, Burland’s staff has more than 160 years of combined experience in jewelry retail, repair and design. Consequently, the customer reaps the precious benefit of this all-encompassing understanding of the industry.”

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